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The Institution of CanoeKayak Canada

Final Grade: A+ (90%)

First Nations elders[1] and youth[2] want to participate in the Olympic sport of canoe and kayak racing. “My relationship with this institution started in 2012, when I was a canoe and kayak coach living on a remote “aboriginal rez” for a period of 18-months. My goal and purpose was to prepare a group of youth to qualify for the 2014 North American Indigenous Games Canoe Championships and onwards to our own Olympic dreams [2020/2024]. That experience resulted in me being one of the “nominees” that year for their “Coach Excellence Awards: Development Award”. The CanoeKayak Canada Development Award “is presented annually to the coach who has clearly demonstrated his or her abilities to develop a club/ sport through the grassroots levels of building a club/ or program - such as an aboriginal paddling or PaddleALL program, or the promotion of the sport through the club.”[10]

“Macrosociological” Level of Analysis
From a macrosociological perspective, Sport Organizations a…

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