Canada Summer Games War Canoe Racing

2013 Canada Summer Games News clip -

First Nation Youth watching the above news clip and commenting at

News man says "For paddlers its the ultimate rush"

Olympian Hugues Fournel says "the feeling is incredible, its one of the only places where you are going to get that feeling and talking to you about it gives me the chills". To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "that's part of the feeling you feel".

News man says "So what gives Hugues Fournel  the chills? canoeing but not so much this kind" and the news clip shows a group of youth paddling what is known as a recreational canoes and used in the North American Indigenous Games for the canoe races. The clip might even be of indigenous youth in recreational canoes.  The news man continues "but more this kind" and the newsclip segments to the white youth in their mainstream war canoe. The news man continues "A c-15 war canoe, considered the Cadillac of canoes that Fournel an Olympic Kayaker and Ontario Taylor Potts, a gold medal winner here both credit as a stepping stone at the club level for their success.".

A female paddlers comes on the news and says " the general idea as a crew boat paddler is that its super helpful and you can branch off like in my case c-4 and c-2. So you're paddling around other people and you kind of got to adjust your stroke to match that person." To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "why don't you tell us about the canoe?"

The Olympian Fournel continues with "every kid, every canoe club, if you are in a canoe club in Canada you are for sure going to do war canoe.

The news man continues "and more of them being a starter for many paddlers, the c-15 war canoe is a unique Canadian gem steep in history". To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "its the First Nations history".

At this point, the development director of CanoeKayak Canada, John Edwards says - "When you talk about history you got to think about fur traders, you got to think about getting the furs to Montreal first to get the good prices. To which First Nation Brother #2 responds " its the First Nations". Edwards continues "This is a long legacy in our country. There isn't a more Canadian boat then this boat".

The news segment now switches to Team BC paddling the mainstream war canoe with the Executive Director at the helm or stern of the vessel known as a coxswain. She is draped in a British Columbia flag like a hero's cape as the paddlers paddle for the news segment clip.

The news man continues "now maintaining optimum performance of the c-15 war canoe certainly takes a lot of team work. As you can see with the 14-member crew here from team BC. To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "its not a war canoe.  The news man continues  "the one thing you don't want to do is loose your sync and hopefully stay the course, but you may also draw a earful from the 15th passenger at the back.". To which the camera zooms into the Executive Director at the back as they chant something. To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "Thats not a chant".

The clip segments back to the Olympian Fournel who says "It's like a hockey kind of vibe, you know? so when you are racing all you hear is the paddle hitting. Its a wooden boat and the paddle hitting the wooden boat and splashes everywhere. You hear nine boats at the same time and everybody is screaming and feeling like you are in a war. And thats why its called war canoe and its one of the oldest races that we are still doing in Canada". To which First Nation Brother #2 responds "no thats not why its called war canoe. It's not even a war canoe." To which First Nation Brother #1 responds "nope".

The news man continues "and clearly one of the most treasured". Throughout the video the First Nations youth were shaking their heads in disbelief at the content being presented. Then one of the First Nation youth says wait I know that kid, I saw him at provincial and at another ... To which First Nation Brother #1 responds "a lot of people look like him".